Covered in a code no one can understand, the Shigir Idol is the oldest wooden structure in the world. Source: Haunting Russian statue discovered to be 11,000-years-old | MNN – Mother Nature Network

The end of Adobe’s video carrier is nigh as Amazon marks the first of the big-name advertisers to block Flash ads, while Google’s Chrome will ‘intelligently pause’ them Source: Flash is dying a death by 1,000 cuts, and that’s a good thing | Technology | The Guardian Die, Flash, DIE!


I’m fascinated by the Unix Terminal in OS X! I am now surfing the net with Lynx, a command-line text browser, and slrn, a usenet news reader–which actually works better than the graphics interface ones, as it seems to fit usenet better. There is also a reader for reddit called rtv. And a twitter command-line […]

Ny forskning viser, at partikler fra luftforureningen på den kinesiske østkyst rejser over Stillehavet og bliver en yderst uvelkommen gæst på den amerikanske vestkyst, skriver


He can turn everything into poetic ballads.


Der var flere flotte syn på himlen i går, og fænomenerne skyldes lysets afbøjning gennem højtliggende isskyer. Source: BILLEDER Optiske fænomener på himlen i går | Vejret | DR

A road through a typical danish wood of beeches. Very light, very airy, very fresh, very civilized. 😉 And very very transparent green. Not like those german fir woods. 😉